About the Coffee

All of our coffee is 100% organic and fair-trade and micro roasted.

What is fair trade?

Fair trade certification  guarantees not only fair prices, but also the principles of ethical purchasing. These principles include adherence to ILO agreements such as those banning child and slave labor, guaranteeing a safe workplace and the right to unionise, adherence to the United Nations charter of human rights, a fair price that covers the cost of production and facilitates social development, and protection and conservation of the environment.

What is organic?

Organic coffee is coffee produced without the aid of artificial chemical substances, such as certain additives or some pesticides and herbicides.

What Is Micro Roasted Coffee?

Micro roasted coffee is coffee that is roasted in small batches to exact specifications. We roast in 6lb batches, versus the hundred of pound roasted in each batch in many commercial factories. The entire roasting process is overseen by skilled professionals with years of experience in the business.

Once the coffee is completely roasted, the coffee is cooled by cold air being pulled through the drum by a fan. This process takes longer than the traditional method of cooling the coffee beans with cold water, but it ensures the flavor of the roasted coffee remains the same. Water cooling can also add weight to the roasted coffee, weight that the consumer will pay for in the end.

The entire roasting process is overseen by one highly skilled individual to ensure that the coffee is roasted to perfection. This infuses the coffee beans with the greatest amount of flavor, better taste, and a higher quality product. This process makes them some of the best tasting coffee in the world.

The individual responsible for preparing the micro roasted coffee is called a roastmaster. The roastmaster is a skilled professional who uses his five senses to detect when the coffee beans are perfectly roasted. This individual is also responsible for creating the coffee blends that so many people in the country enjoy on a regular basis. The roast master has extensive knowledge of which coffee beans are best for micro roasted and how these coffee beans should be roasted to bring out the full flavor of the coffee.